Road worthy

Keene woman tracks down every street in the city
By Casey Farrar
Sentinel Staff
Published Monday, June 29, 2009
There’s not a street in Keene that Denise Wheeler hasn’t seen.

You name it — back roads, dead ends, cul-de-sacs — if it’s on a city map, she’s walked it.

And during a 15-month mission to walk every street in Keene, the lifelong city resident not only discovered some streets that aren’t on the map, and others that have long since disappeared, she came to know her hometown like an old, familiar friend.

It all started one morning in March 2008 when Wheeler, 42, was walking near her Beech Street home.
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Gilsum: Can you dig it?

Rock swap a grab bag of fun for collectors of all ages
By Casey Farrar
Sentinel Staff
Published Sunday, June 28, 2009
GILSUM — Molly Kelly of Westminster, Vt., gasps and bounces on her toes as she peers into a crinkled, brown paper bag.

“Look at this one,” she cries, pulling a thumb-sized quartz crystal from the bag, and handing it to her mother, Darlene Kelly.

“Oh, cool,” says her brother Brendan, as he digs through his own bag, brandishing a bluish-green crystal formation.

It was the Kellys’ first visit to Gilsum’s annual Rock Swap and Mineral Show, but they have been collecting rocks for about three years.

They joined hundreds of other rock hounds Saturday morning in search of natural treasures, milling through a sprawling horseshoe of rock-covered folding tables on a grassy field behind the elementary school.
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Couple escapes Jaffrey house fire

Sentinel Staff
Published Saturday, June 27, 2009
JAFFREY — Edward Van Blarcom of Jaffrey was just sitting down to dinner around 8 p.m. Saturday when his wife, Carmen, yelled  there were flames in the basement.

Within minutes, the couple stood in the yard and watched as the flames moved up into the first floor of the house at 113 Hadley Road, said Edward Van Blarcom Saturday night.

“It was just all orange, really bright,” Edward said. “And it seemed like it would flame up and then die down.”

Smoke poured from the windows. Their dog Zeke was somewhere inside the house.
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Fines levied against Keene pharmacist

By Casey Farrar
Sentinel Staff
Published Thursday, June 18, 2009
A Keene pharmacist accused of dispensing an improperly mixed dosage of medication has been reprimanded by the state board that regulates pharmaceutical licenses.

Susan M. Harris, a pharmacist at The Apothecary in Keene, agreed to pay a $5,000 fine — of which $3,500 was suspended for one year — and take five hours of continuing education classes, according to a ruling by the N.H. Board of Pharmacy released last week.
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Nia dance technique focuses on wellness

By Casey Farrar
Sentinel Staff
Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2009
The dancers begin quietly and gently, slowly warming and stretching their muscles with slight, swaying movements.

But as the background music swells to a dramatic crescendo of stringed instruments, piano and singing, the teacher and four students twirl and whirl around the room in a blur of motion.

“Find your joy,” instructor Lindsay Rodger Bartlett says over the music. “If it doesn’t feel joyful, do something else.”

It’s around noon on a Wednesday and the dancers are taking a Nia class in a bright studio at the MoCo Arts building on Elm Street in Keene.

Nia is a technique developed about two decades ago that blends martial arts, including tai chi and tae kwon do, dance and healing arts including yoga.
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