Making a difference

Mortenson: Education key to peace

By Casey Farrar
Sentinel Staff
Published March 05, 2010
The U.S. military’s recent efforts to bring local Afghan leaders to the table is a step in the right direction toward rebuilding the war-torn country, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greg Mortenson told a packed audience at Keene State College Friday afternoon.

But the shift from dealing mostly with a centralized, national government to involving Afghans on a provincial level has only just begun. And it will take a greater effort by military and U.S. State Department officials for Afghans to feel ownership in the process, he said.

Mortenson — co-founder of the Central Asia Institute, an organization that promotes education and literacy in Afghanistan and Pakistan and has been involved in constructing 131 schools in the region — spoke about the role education and global literacy can play in promoting peace during two talks for the college’s James D. Ewing World Affairs Lecture. Continue reading