McLeod case on hold while appeal is filed

Prosecutors in the case against a former Keene man accused in a fatal 1989 fire plan to appeal a ruling that could damage their case. Continue reading


A local hero’s amazing story

In vivid detail, Keene veteran Earle Quimby Jr. reflects on life, military service

The force of the blast rocketed an iron chimney grate across the room and flipped an exhausted Earle C. Quimby Jr. under the heavy bed he was lying on in an abandoned German house.

Steve Hooper Sentinel Staff

Out on a mission, the Army reconnaissance officer and his driver had run into a German unit, and now the 24-year-old Quimby was holed up in the house, waiting.

It was the midst of World War II, and Quimby had spent the first few months after landing in Europe speeding along snowy roads in an open-top Jeep. Crossing enemy lines, he reported troop positions and access routes back to Army brass. Continue reading