Primary profile: Fred Karger

Fred Karger grew up near Chicago and spent his college years in Colorado before settling in California for most of his adult life.

Michael Moore / Keene Sentinel

But it could be said that the roots of his campaign for the top seat in the White House are right here in New Hampshire.

He told his family during a gathering in 2009 in Hawaii that he was considering throwing his hat in the ring and a couple months later, during a February 2010 visit to see his aunt in Peterborough, started talking to people about running.

“That was trip one (to New Hampshire),” he said. “A lot of it, initially, was just going around, meeting people.
“I had my first town meeting in May of last year in Keene.”

A few months later, in April 2010 at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, he officially announced he was considering waging a campaign. Continue reading


Students make Swanzey firehouse their classroom

SWANZEY — Evan T. Casavant and Ryan R. Morgan aren’t your typical college students.

Sure, they go to classes and try to keep up with the seemingly never-ending stream of homework.

But, home to them isn’t a cramped dorm room on campus. It’s a Swanzey firehouse. Continue reading